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Wild Animal Sanctuary – Keenesburg, Colorado –

A Lion at The Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado

A Lion at The Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado

Yesterday, (Saturday, June 7th)… I had the chance to head up to the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keenesburg, Colorado yesterday to participate in a 5K walk to benefit the park.     I had never been up there in all the years I’ve lived in Colorado, so it was a treat for me to see all the animals who were rescued from prior tough situations. Most of the animals are Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh my?)… lol,  Had to say it.  There are other animals there as well.  Many are on large, sprawling habitats as compared with your city zoo, so potentially,  may be harder to see some of the animals, but we were lucky.   I thought I would share my favorite image of the day.    If you’re in Colorado, it makes a great place to visit!

I shot the above image as we were leaving the park for the day.   In order to provide shelter in these 12 to 15 acre section, the park embeds large sections of concrete sewer pipe in the ground.   As we passed the last enclosure, I peeked inside to see who I could see and this guy popped his head up … Made me feel like lunch.  Thank heavens for double fences…. oh … if you missed the furry shadow in the pipe … look again.

If you like something fluffier … here is a baby Alpaca from a herd also kept at the sanctuary.  Until next time…


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